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He’s come for me. My teacher, my savior, my heart…and my devil.

He came for her in the night. The lonely vampire plucked young witch Anna Olmstead from a life of degradation with her abusive father. He showed her the world. A dark paradise filled with excitement. Wealth. Privilege. And above all love.


But her love wasn’t enough for him. He wanted to consume her identity. Her soul. Even after an act of horrendous violence sets into motion ripples in the supernatural community that continue for decades to come, and she flees his mad love, he refuses to let her go. Now, he’s coming for her again. And this time, it’s her turn to take his everything.

Featuring all your favorites from books past, and re-introducing Anna West from To Catch A Vampire, comes the next installment in the Midnight Magic Series. See how it all began…with the journey of a lost soul finding her way from the darkness into the light. What else is a witch to do?

And don't forget to catch up on Bea's adventures in the latest F.R.E.A.K.S book..


Telekinetic Special Agent Beatrice Alexander has fought hordes of zombies, psychotic vampires, and even a troll. But now she faces her greatest challenge: love.

Fully recovered from her holiday from hell, Bea has returned to the F.R.E.A.K.S. with a mission, to gain the love of her werewolf teammate, Will Price. Of course nothing is ever easy when it comes to love and war. And when the killing fields of a pack of murderous werewolves is discovered in the wilds of North Carolina, the situation goes from complicated to deadly. Because though Bea always seems to get her man or beast in the end, this time she isn’t sure she will survive with her love intact. Or with her life…

And yes, I am hard at work on the third Galilee Falls book, FALL OF HEROES. It WILL be out this year.

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